Unlocking Digital Creativity with Kartina Abdul Ghani..

Welcome to the hub of innovation and learning, where determination meets opportunity. With a vibrant journey that began in 2013, I, Kartina Abdul Ghani, have pioneered the transformation of ideas into digital reality without the complexities of code. From humble beginnings as a trainee to the helm of AMB Drag & Drop Mobile Apps Builder, my path is a testament to the belief that anything is achievable with resolve and effort.

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About Kartina:

An Accredited Master Trainer, a beacon of Digital Transformation, and your guide to the world of Mobile App Development, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Marketing Leadership. I’ve led over 1,200 aspiring developers through intensive workshops and have enlightened over 10,000 participants in our free intro classes. My professional narrative is a mosaic of leadership, from managing multi-million development projects to architecting the AMB Drag & Drop Mobile Apps Toolkit—a platform now boasting 121 layouts and over 150 features, making mobile app creation accessible to all.

My Philosophy:

“Conquer fear, focus on the goal, and unleash the hero within.”

“Throughout this continuous journey, the most crucial lesson I’ve learned is the value of courage. Success in business or any aspect of life requires bravery. It’s natural to feel some fear when tackling significant challenges, but overcoming that fear is key to unlocking our inner hero. Our essence is defined by our intense focus and steadfast belief in a simple principle: by concentrating on our objectives, we can surmount any obstacle. Conversely, if we fixate on the barriers, we will never achieve our goals.”

My Mission:

I champion the notion that every challenge is a stepping stone to success. For entrepreneurs fearing escalating costs, programmers seeking efficiency, freelancers craving independence, and employees desiring to digitize their workspace—I provide a bridge to a new realm of possibilities.

For Whom Do I Light the Way?

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Slash development costs and become the craftsman of your own digital destiny with AMB Toolkit.

Programmers: Amplify your productivity. Craft more apps and broaden your clientele, all without sacrificing quality or complexity.

Freelancers and Home-Based Professionals: Carve out your niche in the app universe from the comfort of your home. Earn and create with freedom and flexibility.

Corporate Teams: Revolutionize your workplace with digital solutions that streamline operations and spark innovation.


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kartina abdul ghani, appsmasterbuilder, appsmasterbuilder AI
kartina abdul ghani, appsmasterbuilder, appsmasterbuilder AI
kartina abdul ghani, appsmasterbuilder, appsmasterbuilder AI
kartina abdul ghani_mobileappsifu_appsmasterbuilder
kartina abdul ghani, appsmasterbuilder, appsmasterbuilder AI
kartina abdul ghani, appsmasterbuilder, appsmasterbuilder AI
kartina abdul ghani, appsmasterbuilder, appsmasterbuilder AI
kartina abdul ghani, appsmasterbuilder, appsmasterbuilder AI

Since venturing into the mobile apps niche in 2013, I have held one belief steadfastly:


Entrepreneurs enrich lives by crafting solutions.


I specialize in transforming experts in their fields into innovators in the app world. Many possess profound expertise yet face a common hurdle: they lack coding skills, often resulting in high costs and scarce success. It’s time to change that. Mobile apps aren’t just the future—they’re the present, the pulse of digital marketing and engagement.


Introducing The AMB Drag & Drop Mobile App Builder Toolkit


No more feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by the complexities of code. The AMB Toolkit is my declaration of simplicity in innovation.


Here’s my commitment to you:

Abandon the gruelling journey of coding. Embrace the elegance of creation without boundaries.


My mission is clear and it pulses with the urgency of now:


Empowering Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, App Enthusiasts, and those seeking Passive Income to craft their mobile solutions. To save money, to save time, and to triumph in both Google Play Store & Apple Appstore landscapes.


If this resonates with you, you’re precisely who I’m here to support.


A Track Record of Triumph


I am Kartina Abdul Ghani, an accredited HRDF trainer since 2014, with over 1,000 full-time appreneurs and 10,000+ workshop attendees to my name. My publishing credits exceed 500 apps, reflecting a spectrum of utility and creativity.

My arsenal includes a BBA from UiTM, an Executive Diploma in Engineering Business Management from UTM, and a Professional Diploma in Internet Business & Social Media from OUM. With the analytical discipline from my tenure as a Captain in Rejimen Askar Wataniah, I distill complexities into clarity.


Beyond the Code


Today, my life intertwines around three axis: pioneering mobile apps, cherishing moments with my five sons, and the adventure of mountain climbing. My passion extends beyond professional accomplishments; it’s about nurturing growth, facilitating success, and scaling new heights—both literal and metaphorical.


Join me…


Let’s embark on this ascent together.