My journey to the the top of the world and reach financial freedom……

To start this journey, I must reduce my weight and developed back my fitness.

This is in order to make myself more healthy and also to be able to become a better speaker, trainer and mentor to all my kids, my workshop participants, my Idea Partner program and AMP program, to reach the stop of the world and most importantly to perform my daily routine as a Muslim…

Weight on 5th Jan- 87kg

Weight on 25th Jan – 84.6 kg

Weight on 26th Jan – 83.8 kg

Weight on 27th Jan – 82.1 kg

Weight on 2nd Feb – 82kg

Ideal weight is 65kg…..

To continue to achieve this and after that will start endurance training to get the body fit and to also achieve mental endurance….

I observe after nearly 3 weeks cycling, my mental endurance has drop tremendously compared to schooling and ITM days… so this is something I must built back… in order to achieve one dream that I will share much much later…..

I have shared with those close to me…. but please do not tell others okay…. still long way to go… and today I have also seek the blessing from my hubby and my eyes and minds is now set for this….

Now let’s get the 65kg back first and I am raring to go while sharing the AMP opportunity with all of you…

All this will be done together with #AMPnation.. and with dual motivation…. let’s gets going….

All members… let’s do this okay…. let’s go for the 2nd and 3rd matrix….. and bring joyful happiness when we achieved financial freedom by end year as you have joined and secure your seats in the matrix…. for next 90 days focus on your objective…

Let me tell you that the dream I want to achieve will also help all of you…. as when I reach that…. I will let people knows that I am doing all this from AMP income and the waves will come in…. and all of you will benefit… and this is my main motivation…. to help all of you in your journey. Not mine but yours…..

For me… each time I lose weight and each time I see my matrix growing…. it brings smiles and gratitude to Allah who has help me reach to this stage and always guided me all the way by giving me ideas and lots of things to improve myself…and also my sincere thanks to our AMP master distributor… Justin Halladay…

Let’s AMP up our business…..still long way to go ….. join me and my team…..

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