Today, just hanging out with 2 friends, one just met few month ago – Siti Raba’ah Abdul razak (Babe) and Maizlina Sadikin (Angah) whom I have not met for past 8 years… Nice place for lunch recommended by Angah. It was a buffet steamboat at Shabu Shabu Cyberjaya and not that expensive and we can eat our hearts out……as long as we do not waste it….

it was good to share old stories…and It is always nice to meet up with old friends and I did not cycle today and break all my diet program but ha ha… still managed to not touch the ice cream although was tempted by Angah….

Babe told me afterwords… I did not expect Angah to be so hilarious… he he.. she has always been like that and that’s why I always love to meet up with you dear Angah……..anyway… hope to see you again in future….

Tomorrow starts my 2 days workshop for passive income and today is normally my rest day and what a day to spend with two awesome ladies…

Thank you …. and may Allah bless both of you……

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